We published The Green Silk Shawl – a translation of late Swiss author Marcella Maier’s Das grüne Seidentuch. This is the first English translation of the novel and was translated by Cambridge resident Iris Hunter.

At the start of the 19th century, in the Val Bregaglia in southern Switzerland, life is hard for the young widow Alma and her little daughter Lisabetta. When Lisabetta grows up, she does not want to live like her mother and so she moves to the Engadin, which has just been discovered by tourism. After a few happy years, however, she too is destined to care for her family on her own…

In this very real and touching family saga, Marcella Maier tells the story of her family over four generations.

Find out more about the book at www.thegreensilkshawl.co.uk.

The Green Silk Shawl – written by Marcella Maier and translated by Iris Hunter