PRS – £350 *
“Proofread by a professional editor”


Proofreading is a comparison of a document with the original document for its validity and accuracy. Our professional proofreaders check the mechanics of a document i.e. punctuation, grammar and spelling. Proofreading is not just about spotting mistakes; it involves understanding the implications of the changes that are made and knowing when it's best to leave things alone.

Editing requires a comprehensive review of your manuscript, from syntax, grammar, word choice and clarity to style, consistency, punctuation and overall quality. A substantial edit involves line-by-line editing of the manuscript and the arrangement of your material so that it reads clearly and logically. Our experienced editors will also offer suggestions for improvement of clarity, style and flow of your writing.

A Rewrite is just what it says – a complete rewrite.

Proofreading is an essential part of the publishing process. It ensures that all errors have been eliminated from the final draft.

Synopsis/Back Cover Text
This is a brief outline, a general overview, an abstract or a summary of a book. It is also known as the back cover blurb. Our editor will need to read the complete manuscript in order to write the synopsis. Fees are payable in advance. Please contact us for further details of costs as all manuscripts vary.

* For books up to 80,000 words