Our pricing structure is tailored so that we can pay you ALL ROYALTIES. As authors ourselves, we passionately believe that ALL royalties should be that of the author.

How does the author get paid?

“A simple but clear example”

The net sale amount is what is left after the print costs, the distributor’s margin and retailer’s margin have been deducted from the cover price (RRP). For example, if a cover price is £9.99, the trade discount is 40%, which gives a discount of £3.99. So the retailer buys the book for £6.00.

Typically, if a standard book size is 5 x 8 with 254 pages, the net publishing cost could be £3.24* (1p per page and 70p for the cover – 254 + 70 = 324). *It is more than this, but we have simplified it as an example.

So, the royalty payment is £6.00 minus £3.24 which is £2.76. This £2.76 is YOUR royalty payment and we take none of it. We only add 20% for administration/service costs per order and you pay any shipping costs.

Using the above example, this means that a copy of your book bought directly from us will cost you £3.24 (excluding postage and packaging). If you then sell the book privately for the cover price of £9.99, you will have made a profit of approximately £6.75 per book.

Royalties and royalty payments FAQ

On what types of book sales do I earn royalties?
You will earn royalties on all books that are not purchased by yourself, or your co-author, if you have one. All author purchases are royalty exclusive, since you already buy your own books at a discount.

When are my royalties paid?
You will be paid royalties twice a year in pounds sterling via BACS, together with a bi-annual statement of sales. Please contact us to discuss alternative payment methods.

Income tax on royalties for authors
Contact the society of authors for information on Quick Guide to Income Tax for UK Authors. Free to members and £2 per copy post-free to non-members.

Do you provide me the names of customers who bought my book?
Industry practice and consumer privacy rules do not allow us to provide you with this information.