CS – £400
“A complete overview of your manuscript”

Some people do not know the difference between editing and proofreading, so ask for a proofread when they mean an edit. Please refer to our Proofreading Service for details of what these services involve.

You will receive a bound report of approximately 20 – 25 pages in length, which will pull out specific examples from the writing, with explanations as to exactly what the editor means.

The report will cover each of the areas listed below:

  • A chapter by chapter breakdown
  • An overview of the plot including structure – where relevant, the editor will include timelines
  • Characterisation, focusing on strengths and weaknesses
  • Writing style, tone and structure, and the development of voice
  • Publishability/marketability and target readership

Please note that this service does not concentrate on the grammatical structure of the work. It is not an edit; the work will still need to be edited and then proofread. We can also write a synopsis for you, if required.